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Welcome to!  Find all things pertaining to earning a theology degree and getting started in your career in the field of theology and religion.  With the many career opportunities in the field of theology, all you need is a sincere interest in helping others and teaching principles that are gospel centered, and you can earn a degree in theology and be on your way to a successful and meaningful career.  This website talks about the various options you have as a student studying theology or a related field, different paths you can take to reach your career goals, different job opportunities, and much, much more!

Before getting started on your journey to a successful career, it’s important to lay out a career path to help you accomplish your goals.  That starts with choosing the correct school that provides the types of programs that you are most interested in.  For more information on the various schools, see our articles entitled “Top Online Theology Schools” and “List of Theology Schools,” which will give you not only a list of accredited schools with strong theology programs, but also a guide of how to choose which school will be best for your chosen path.

When choosing a school, it’s important that prospective students are clear about what kind of theology they are dedicated to studying.  If they are associated with a particular denomination and would like to continue studying the teachings of that denomination, it would be wise to seek the counsel of a clergy member to get a recommendation for a university or seminary.  Various sects can have a very different view on scriptures and doctrine.  For students who want an education that is not tied to a particular sect, there are also schools with theology programs that aren’t associated with a particular domination.

There are many exciting and meaningful career opportunities for people who earn a degree in theology.  With the world becoming more and more secular, we need strong moral people of all religious sects and denominations to take up positions and lead this country and world in social issues, political issues, and teaching the youth good principles and to become upstanding people.  With a background in theology, there are many choices to get involved in this type of work.  Some of these meaningful career opportunities include:

  • Youth Ministry
  • Religion Teacher
  • Clergy Member
  • International Service (Peace Corps, Red Cross, etc.)
  • Missionary
  • Head of Charitable Organization

For more detailed information about career opportunities, please see our article entitled “Theology Careers.”  It gives some other career ideas as well as descriptions of some of the more common careers in theology.

In the world we live in, success is often defined by the amount of money or power one has, but success in the field of theology is defined by the service one gives and they lives he or she touches.  A career in theology is truly meant for those who are willing to dedicate their lives to a higher purpose than what the world can offer.  If you are willing to give this type of dedication to your life’s work, then you are on the correct path.

Use this website as a guide to help you find your path to the theology degree that is right for you to accomplish your life’s goals.  Be sure to also get guidance and counseling from a clergy member from your church.  If you don’t currently have a church that you go to, you can find clergy at a local church or community center who would help you get the advice that you are looking for.